Monopoly Live is undoubtedly one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular Live Casino games, and it’s not even a table game, but it is a board-game-meets-TV-show-style game.

Why is so popular then? Why do players prefer it over other really excellent table games, games that initially went Live? Well, more than one reason exists for its ever-increasing popularity, and you’ll soon find them out!

A Popular Brand Meets an Innovative Developer

First and foremost, Monopoly is one of the world’s most popular brands. It is a board game brand that has reached millions and millions of people from all around the world ever since its release in the 1930s, people of all ages. It is a fun board game that features a cute little chubby sir, Mr Monopoly. When the internet was invented, this game immediately went online, as a video game in many forms.

And Evolution Gaming, being the revolutionary developer of Live Casino content, was the first and only developer who brought this epic board game Live.

Thanks to the popularity of the legendary brand and Evolution’s recognizable advanced features, Monopoly Live was an instant hit, a hit that elevates the excitement of a board game to a new dimension. Developed in collaboration with Hasbro, the game was destined to become legendary among both new and old players since no one can stay indifferent to their favourite childhood board game.

Top-Notch Design and Features

Monopoly Live is based on Evolution’s proven game Dream Catcher. Therefore, it has its TV show elements but is complemented with advanced features which redefine the board game feel even further.

It is a host-led game, where you spin a Wheel of Fortune, similar to the one in Dream Catcher, but with recognizable Monopoly elements. Should you get the bonus game in one of your spins, you are taken to the real Monopoly action. With Artificial Intelligence, the developer has managed to provide you with a virtual version of the board game and Mr Monopoly. As the Wheel of Fortune spins, you can see Mr Monopoly eagerly waiting to get into action and give you Multipliers or cash prizes. You can see him moving on the board, depending on your moves, and you can see for the first time in your life how the little man would look like in real life. That’s a major plus, a major dream come true to all Monopoly fans, indeed.

Related Promotions

Evolution Gaming has its own promotions suite. Therefore, from time to time, you can find Live Casino promotions in Evolution Gaming-powered online casinos which either promote Monopoly Live or give you rewards that you can use on the game itself.

This is an element that is really exciting for players, being able to play a cool, fun, familiar Live Casino game with freebies, or play it to win freebies. In fact, it was via an aggressive promotional period that the developer managed to reach a huge audience when it first released the game. There was this promotion that allowed players to be the first ones to try out the game and get magnificent prizes for that.

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